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Six home fire hazards you need to fix ASAP


Six home fire hazards you need to fix ASAP

Most homeowners know the obvious ways to keep their home safe from fire. Of course, it’s important to blow out a candle when you leave the house, watch your food while it’s on the stove, and to not let kids play with matches. There are, however, many other hazards that may endanger your home if you don’t watch for them. Keep an eye out so you can keep your family and possessions safe.

???????????????????????????????????????????1) A clogged lint trap: Your dryer creates a ton of heat near a very flammable substance: lint. If you don’t clean out your lint trap regularly and vacuum out the vent biannually, you are setting yourself up for a laundry room fire.

2) Plants near the house: If trees, shrubs or grasses are too close to your house, all it would take is a cigarette butt dropped in your grass to set your house ablaze. Keep plants several feet away from your house, and keep your yard well watered.

3) Incorrect appliance use: Should you microwave that takeout tin? Is it okay to leave the air popper plugged in when not in use? If you don’t know the answer, consult the instruction manual or call the company. Use caution especially with old or thrifted appliances.

4) A messy stove: If you allow oils to build up on your stove, one loose spark is all it will take to set the entire appliance on fire. Don’t let laziness be the reason your house burns down!

5) Wrong light bulb wattage: Make sure the wattage of your light bulbs matches up with the wattage of your light fixtures; wattage that is too high can lead to disaster. Also, don’t use LED bulbs in enclosed light fixtures as they may get too hot and burn out or cause a fire.

6) Old or cheap extension cords: You get what you pay for, and cheap surge protectors simply aren’t as safe as well-made surge protectors. For your own safety, update your surge protectors and extension cords to new, high-quality brands.

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