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Keeping up appearances: get your home ready, so you can make your move


Keeping up appearances: get your home ready, so you can make your move

Couple near the house for saleAre you preparing to sell your home? Maybe you’re planning to relocate to a new area for a professional opportunity, or you want to move into a living space that’s large enough for a growing family. Perhaps you’re downsizing. Whatever the reason, there are easy things you can do to “show and sell” your home with better results.

We know from experience that it’s often the fine details that matter most. Appearances really do matter! What are home buyers looking for? Here are three areas to focus on when you’re getting your house ready to put on the market.

  1. Make sure your home looks as if someone took pride in it. You don’t have to have the newest appliances, or fully refurbished flooring. But, potential buyers want to see that the home was cared for. Make sure your appliances are clean and look maintained; the walls are repainted (or at least not peeling wallpaper); the tile grout is free of mildew; and that old bedspreads, drapes, shower curtains, and knobs are replaced.
  2. Keep it neat and tidy. It does no good to have spruced up your home, only to have clutter on every counter top, dusty shelves, crumbs on the seating and floors, smears on the mirrors, and food left out. Be sure to tidy up before potential buyers stop in. If you don’t have time to tidy up, invest in a weekly housekeeping service to help. It will pay off in the long run.
  3. Cultivate curb appeal. Get your ‘house in order’ by calling a landscaper to tidy up flower beds, trim your trees and hedges, and keep your lawn maintained. The first impression potential buyers have is important.

Need more information, or help to prepare your home? We’re part of a network of professionals with experience preparing homes to buy or sell. If you could use a referral or just more information, be sure to reach out to us here at Destiny Real Estate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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