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How to maintain your shower


How to maintain your shower

Did you know that at least 38 percent of water usage in the home is in the shower? That’s a lot of water! All that moisture is wonderful if it’s indoors — who doesn’t love a hot bath? — but it can create a host of problems if it’s not properly maintained. That’s why it’s important to regularly deep clean and care for your shower and tub. We’ll teach you what you need to watch for to keep your shower looking like new.Shower in the hands of cleaning.

Watch for residue: Dirt and bacteria cling to the tub and shower walls, which can lead to mildew if it’s not properly cleaned. Because mildew is white it can be easily overlooked, but it can create respiratory problems if left unchecked. Scrub your shower and its walls with hot water and a non-acetate cleaner at least once a month and wash your shower curtains regularly. Be sure to clean the track in your shower door as well, and make sure it has adequate drainage by drilling small holes if necessary. Consider investing in a squeegee to wipe the walls and doors after each shower to reduce water and dirt build up.

Seal tile and grout: Mildew can infiltrate tile and grout, and regular cleaning isn’t always enough to get rid of it. Seal the tile and grout twice a year to prevent problems, and regularly check for cracks or breaks to ensure water never seeps into the wall behind the shower. The extra sealant can also add water repellency back to the grout that’s been lost over the years.

Re-apply caulk and sealant: Fixtures within the shower are caulked and sealed upon installation to make sure water doesn’t escape the enclosure. Check the caulk and sealant at least yearly to make sure there are no issues, and re apply sealant regularly even if there doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s at times difficult to detect leaks, and by the time you do you may have an even repair to deal with. Caulking and sealant should all be replaced every five years.

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