July 1, 2019

Six home fire hazards you need to fix ASAP

Most homeowners know the obvious ways to keep their home safe from fire. Of course, it’s important to blow out a candle when you leave the house, watch your food while it’s on the stove, a
May 6, 2019

Do I need a chimney sweep? It depends, of course.

Fewer and fewer houses are built these days with wood-burning fire places, but there are still millions of homes that have the capability and that means millions of owners wondering about maintenance
May 2, 2019

Home energy audits 101

It seems like everyone is going green these days. “Green” in this case can refer to both saving money and the environment. There are several ways to be more environmentally conscious at home. If y
March 2, 2019

Make us a part of your home buying team

Buying your first home? Here are three real estate professionals who will play a big role in your leap from renting to owning your own home: Mortgage loan officer. Before you look at a single home, yo